Is it appreciate it or appreciated?

We frequently use appreciate to show that we recognize the value of something. Appreciation is the noun, and appreciative is the adjective. I am appreciated means to receive the appreciation, and I appreciate means to give the appreciation.

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What to say instead of appreciate it?

This page lists 67 synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and related words for the word appreciate, including celebrate, overflow with gratitude, value, respect, admire, understand, esteem, adore, welcome, be obliged, and enjoy.

How do you use appreciate it?

We use this format to request assistance or a favor. For example, I would appreciate it if you attended my party, let me borrow your car, or my boss would appreciate it if you could assist us.
Can I say thank you and appreciate it?
If you take the time to say thank you, it will always be appreciated, no matter the circumstances. If youre sending a personal thank-you letter or message, sometimes all you need to say is your thanks and appreciation — your note does not need to be lengthy.

It reads like a deeper level of gratitude than a simple thank you or thanks, but I doubt anyone will take it seriously. It isnt more formal at all.
Can I say appreciate it to my boss?
Yes, its all right. 23 September 2015

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